Shanahan and RGIII

1/7/2013 8:29:11 PM
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When we were watching the game, after the Redskins' second touchdown, we thought that on each successive series RG III would be replaced.  As the Redskins accomplished less the likelihood, the need for Cousins to come in increased.  At the start of the second half several of us were shocked that Kirk Cousins did not replace RG III. 

Now there is a lot of "spin" on Shanahan's responsibility for the decision to leave him in. 

RG III has also talked as if he was the only qb, that Shanahan had no alternative.  I find this a bit egoistic, that a hobbled athlete is better than another athlete who won a game and threw for 329 yards the week after.

Just wondering others' thoughts.


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If Cousins had gone in and the Redskins had lost, everyone would be questioning the decision. It's a no-win situation. We just need to hope that RG3 is ok and can be 100% for next year. 

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