Bradley Jr to replace Ellsbury?

7/18/2013 5:26:50 PM
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There has been talk about Jackie Bradley Jr replacing CF Jacoby Ellsbury in the 2014 season. The reason behind this is that Ellsbury's contract is running out at the end of this year, and he will be asking for alot of money; and Jackie is next in line. So what do you think? Shoud they give Jacoby what he wants and break the bank? Should they give the kid a chance? Should they trade to get a more expeirenced CF?

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Its hard for me to go with Bradley because of his age. I think Ellsbury is going to be looking for a 7-year contract. Its hard for me to want to keep him around for that long. He's not gonna be good for that long but maybe we could get 3 good years and trade him before his..downfall? Maybe I'm too optimistic (maybe on his way down the Yankees will take him...ha! fucking losers).

If I had to decide today I would go with Ellsbury.

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Disagree @greenMachine

Just become Oriole fans. It will be easier in the long run. 

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