MLB Deadline Deals

7/31/2009 4:00:24 PM
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The Red Sox aquire C Victor Martinez from the Indians.

Martinez is a versatile addition to the Sox, he'll play bith catcher and first base. Say the Red Sox win the World Series this season, Lowell will likely retire leaving third base open. They will move Youkilis to third and put Martinez at first. He's a perfect fit in Boston.

Also the Red Sox just trades Adam Laroche for Casey Kotchman. Not really sure what to make of this deal...

The AL Central leading Tigers added P Jarrod Washburn from the Seatle Mariners, in my opinion loking up the Central division, Which pains me to say being a Twins fan. But I'm not giving up hope the Twins are only two games back.

Speaking of the Twins, they traded for SS Orlando Carbera. Cabrera is batting .280 with four homers and 41 RBI.


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o wow, i totally did not see this. big pickup for the sox.

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Nationals have traded Nick Johnson to the Marlins and Joe Beimel to the Rockies.  Not sure what they got in return as of yet.

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White Sox aquire Jake Peavy from Padres!!! HUGE deals going down today

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The nats got a minor leaguer from the Johnson trade, and also from the rockies trade. Don't have any insight on either players the nats have received, but hopefully, the nats can sign Johnson to a deal during the offseason because he's a free-agent after the season concludes.

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