boston gets victor martinez

7/31/2009 4:01:46 PM
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they are starting to look like the new york yankees with all of these players they are getting, last season the yanks picked up a few people when they were behind in the race, this year the redsox picked up a few people when they are behind in the race.

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red sox are the yankees 2.0 and this is not news.

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The red sox got better offensively by getting Martinez. The only problem that they didn't solve was rectifying their bullpen. The only problem with the trade is this, where will Martinez play if Tek is catching? 

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What needed to be rectified besides possibly adding a lefty specialist? They have one of the best bullpens in MLB.

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not quite the best bullpen. they are decent but they have been lucky so far this year.

Saito has a whip of 1.43 but an era of 3.15 that doesnt match up well. that era should be on the rise.

Paplebon also has had luck on his side. for a closer his whip is terrible 1.33 but an era of 2.00. letting 1.3 guys on an inning will come back to bite you come big games agianst the top teams.

Manny delcarmen also has a whip of 1.45 and era of 2.66, when you let on a guy and half an inning that calls for that era to jump a bit. so far hes been clean but when you let guys on at that clip your bound for more failure.

These 3 guys let too many runners on for such a "great" bullpen so we'll see if they find themselves still lucky or will it come back to bite them.

plus victor martinez's stats are decilining

 He has hit .211 since the start of june

.214 after the allstar break

you might say teams are pitching around the best player on the indians so his average dipped but

he has an On base % of .300 since start of june and .327 after allstar break

also he has a average agianst lefties of .246

hes coming to play agianst a division with lefties such as sabathia, petite(sp), brett cecil, romero, price, kazmir, jp howell, and Marc Rzepczynski

so we will see if this was a right move for the socks

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youk would probably go to third, martinez to first, lowell will probably be taken out of the lineup.

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Pbucks, on paper, yeah, they may have the best bullpen, but they haven't delivered. They needed to get a George Sherrill but couldn't. Yes, they got a great player in Martinez, but they need to solidify their bull pen if they want to succeed in the playoffs. 

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and they can bring up Bowden from Pawtucket -I would take my chances with them

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